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Extend Your Products' Life up to 700%

Discover TKE's game-changing 3D printing services for copper product modeling, brought to you by Yuasa. With our advanced technology, we redefine design and manufacturing, allowing you to extend the life of your products by up to 700%.

Experience unmatched precision and versatility as we transform your copper product visions into reality. Our state-of-the-art 3D printing enables us to create intricate designs and precise internal structures, ensuring optimal functionality.

Collaborate closely with our skilled team to customize your copper products to your exact specifications. Let us unlock a new era of innovation and excellence in copper design and manufacturing.

Metal 3D Printer: SLM280PS

Our state-of-the-art equipment and research and development.

SLM Solutions GmbH (Germany)
Molding Method
Power Bed Method
Laster Melting Method: SLM Method (Selective Laser Melting)
Molding Range
Width 280 x Depth 280 x Height 365mm
Laser Output
700W Fiber Laser x 2
Variable Layer Thickness
20 to 100µm
3D Printer

3D Printing Process

Manufacture of heating coil for high-frequency heat treatment. Environment and technology innovation by adding from subtracting.

3D-CAD Drawing

2D Drawing Converted to 3D-CAD  

Heat Treatment Simulation Analysis

Heat Treatment Simulation Analysis  

3D Printed Parts

Forming by 3D Printing and Assembly

3D Printing Means No Brazing

AM Coil: No Brazing

By using a 3D printer to produce the coil in one piece, no brazed parts are required, which leads to stabilization and improvement of coil life.

Induction Heating Coils Made by 3D Printer

AM Coil for Induction Heating. Other dimensions can be made to your specifications.

Induction Heating Coil
Induction Heating Coil

Example of Gear

Heat treatment simulation ▶ Metal 3D printer modeling ▶ High-frequency quenching

3D Printing Gear

AM Cutting Tools

Metal 3D Printer Modeling. AM tooling made with a 3D printer Maraging steel. Flexible coolant internal lubrication route design.

3D Printing Cutting Tools

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