Energy Saving Products

"Carbon Neutral Products" are goods designed to have a net-zero carbon footprint. Throughout their lifecycle, from production to use and disposal, they aim to balance or offset carbon emissions through various sustainable practices. By promoting energy efficiency, using renewable energy sources, and investing in carbon offset projects, these products contribute to mitigating climate change and reducing their environmental impact. Consumers and businesses increasingly seek carbon-neutral options to support sustainability efforts and combat climate change. Choosing carbon-neutral products helps create a greener and more sustainable future for our planet.

Solar Panels

Above picture show panel delivered in 2021. 740,000kWh/Year. Renewable energy rate 13%.

Renewable Energy 「Solar Panels」

MAINTE PRO™ Yuasa Japan has been installing many solar panel to customer facility and buildings. Panels can be mounted on roof, ground, and car port roofs.

Types of Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Oversea installation, customer in Thai (Roof mount, Chom Buri Prefecture)

Ecomo Next-Generation Power Saving Unit from Satsuki

Electricity consumption can be reduced around 5~15%


  • Just by connecting to a transformer, electricity consumption can be reduced about 5~15% (estimated from past introduction results).
  • Reduce power loss of electric wires and electronic equipment and reduce electricity usage.
  • It is not an electronic device, there is no breakdown.
  • Easy installation and quick to use.

If you have any questions or want to request a quote, please contact us.

Ecomo Next-Generation Power Saving Unit

Gas Leak Viewer MK-750ST

MK-750ST detects ultrasonic waves from compressed gas leak with array sensors. You see the sound pressure map overlaid visual image which locates the leak.

Air & Gas Leak Viewer MK-750ST

MAINTE PRO™ Contribute to Energy Saving by visualizing gas leak position. Visualizing of gas leak position makes it easy to find with a glance.

  • Small and lightweight. One hand operation available.
  • TFT LCD for easy detection outdoors.
  • Weight is about 740g (including battery)
  • New TFT LCD for easy detection outdoors.
  • Newly equipped "Approximate Leak Amount Displaying Function."
  • Specifies leak position in wide range in short time.
  • Detects gas leak from a distance. Suitable for elevated pipes.
  • Optional waist bag* for easy portability.

Use examples

  • Detect gas leak from pin-holes created by corrosion on pipe.
  • Detect gas leak from regulator joints.
  • Detect gas leak from welder air-tube.
  • Detect leaks caused by deteriorated seals and loose flanges.
  • Detect leaks from sections with welding defects.
  • Detect suction into vacuum pipes.

Aluminum Recycling System

Oil Removing System Yuasa Neotech's new product Oil Removing System is environmentally friendly way to save production cost by enabling in-house aluminum recycling. Leftover materials like aluminum die cast runner contain oils which makes it difficult to be recycled in house, but this system removes the oil by making briquettes. There will be no fire or smoke from the briquettes which contributes to safer work environments also. Storing cost, transportation cost can be reduced which will lead to reduction in CO2 emissions.

Aluminum Recycling System with and without oil
Aluminum Recycling System

Remove oils from aluminum waste to be recycled again.

Rewritable Laser System from Ricoh

Ricoh rewritable laser system and an example of contactless rewritable recording medium pasted on tote containers that ride on a belt conveyor.

Rewritable Labels from Ricoh

As part of our effort to counter global warming, Yuasa is committed to promoting "Carbon Neutral Products." As our first step in this direction, we are excited to introduce the Rewritable Laser System from Ricoh.

Ricoh has successfully developed a technology that enables non-contact, high-speed rewriting of labels used in logistics returnable containers, which can be rewritten approximately 1,000 times while still attached to the container. These labels can be used repeatedly for more than five years under harsh outdoor conditions, contributing significantly to environmental impact and cost reduction. This rewritable laser system won the Technology Prize from the Imaging Society of Japan in 2013.

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