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Multi-Camera Inspection System (M-CIS)

TIG inc. has developed a highly versatile inspection system that combines a 2-megapixel camera with orthogonal and rotational axes, allowing for free movement. This system enables inspection of a single workpiece as well as the ability to switch to a mode for inspecting multiple workpieces loaded on a tray.

By changing the fixtures, the system can adapt to inspect various product types, accommodating high product diversity. Additionally, we have incorporated multi-spectrum illumination for image capture, which is expected to improve imaging and inspection conditions significantly.


  • Capable of extensive inspections: By combining cameras, orthogonal axes, and rotational axes, a wide inspection area is ensured. It allows free movement of camera inspection angles, enabling measurements while being cost-effective.
  • The camera lighting can automatically select colors and switch the LEDs positioned around the circumference.
  • With the touch panel equipped, operators can easily perform new model registration and setup.
  • It can handle inspections of a wide variety of products with just fixture replacement and model selection.
  • By adopting an airless system and using only electric units, it achieves energy-saving effects.
  • Customizable based on user-specific requirements.
Multi-Camera Inspection System (M-CIS)

High Accuracy and Low Cost Camera 5-axis + Lighting 1-axis, total 6-axis control. Can inspect the product from multiple directions.

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