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Since the founding of Toyo Seiki Kogyo in 1956, the company slogan has been “TOYOSK’s salesmen must sell products with warm hearts. TOYOSK’s engineers must manufacture products with warm hearts.” This slogan has served as the guiding principle which has led to the development of many types of machine tools. With an engineering staff skilled in NC Technology, Hydrostatic Bearing Technology and Computer Assisted Engineering, TOYOSK creates customized Machine Tools, Semiconductor and Automotive Parts manufacturing equipment, providing customers with complete “turn key” manufacturing cells.

TOYOSK’s R&D capability is an industry leader, assembling its talented engineers into project teams to create original quality products that meet the specialized needs and high standards of its customers. TOYOSK is ISO 9001 certified for quality management systems and ISO 14001 certified for environmental management systems.

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Toyosk Line Type Horizontal Machining Center

TOYOSK Line Type Horizontal Machining Center

Toyosk Precision Small Machining Center

TOYOSK Precision Small Machining Center

Toyosk Quill Type Horizontal Machining Center

TOYOSK Quill Type Horizontal Machining Center

Distributor and Importer of CNC Machine Tools and Accessories