MECTRON MTV-C360 Machine


Vertical compact machining center, Magazine direct ATC

This is a machining center equipped with twin turntables as standard and a column-moving type that aims to eliminate idle time with 180° splitting. The workpiece removal time does not affect machining time, and it is easy to set up a line, making it ideal for mass production machining.

Workpieces can be attached and detached on one side while machining on the other, and the changeover time is 2.3 seconds, the best in its class.

For items that require short machining time or items that require time to attach and remove the workpiece, the cycle time will be further reduced.

  • Tool holder / BBT30
  • Maximum spindle rotation speed / 12,000 (Op22,000) mm-1
  • All-round type with high speed spindle and machining ability that is one class higher
  • Number of tools stored / 12 (Op15)
  • Movement X, Y, Z/500, 350, 300

Spindle air blow, sub table, machine light, signal tower, automatic door, central lubrication device, cutter damage detection, coolant device, chip conveyor, spindle through coolant

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Slide Travel X,Y,Z-Axis 500x350x300 mm *1
Height of Spindle Nose from Table 250~550mm
Table size (WxL) 600x400 mm
Table groove width 12 keyway cross 12mm (0.47″)
Tables Max.Load Capacity 150kgs (one side)
Table Rotation (APC) & Rotation time 2.3 (180゜turn)
Max. Spindle Speed 12,000(Op22,000) min-1 *1
Max. Speed Rigid Tapping 6,000 min-1
Rapid Traverse Rate X,Y,Z-Axis 60,60,60 m/min
Shank of Tool Holders BBT30+P30T-II
Tool Change System Magazine direct system
No. of Tool Pot 12 (Op 15) pcs
Max. Tool Diameter x Tool Length φ80x200mm
Max. Tool weight (total) 2.5 (grand total 20)kgs
Tool Change Time Tool to Tool/Chip to Chip 1.0/2.3 seconds
Max. Height of Machine 2,550mm
Min. Height of Machine 2,150 mm
Height in Transportation 2,150 mm
Size of Machine (Width, Depth) 1,600x2,750 mm
Machine weight 3,500 kgs
NC unit FANUC 0i-MF Plus
Spindle Motor 7.5/5.5/3.7kw
Feed Motor (X・Y・Z-Axis) 2.7/2.7/2.7 kw
ATC Magazine Drive Motor 0.5kw
Power capacity required 17.3 KVA
Power-supply voltage AC200~230V 3 Phase
Positioning accuracy/Repeated Positioning accuracy 0.005/+-0.003 mm
Machining Capability Drilling/Tapping ADC12 φ38F0.2/M30× 3.5 mm
FC250 φ34F0.2/M27× 3.0 mm
S45C φ28F0.15/M22× 2.5 mm

*1 Maximum spindle rotation speed 22,000 min -1 Z-axis travel 270 mm
※Due to improvements, some specifications and features may be changed without notice.

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