MECTRON MTS-C360 Machine

MECTRON MTS-C360 Automation


Vertical compact machining center, Magazine direct ATC, Automation compatible series

Equipped with a 3-axis (XYZ) dedicated loader and a built-in 2-sided bevel turntable.Equipped with a slant structure on the processing side, an automation compatible machine with good chip evacuation.

  • Tool holder/BBT30
  • Maximum spindle speed/12,000 mm-1
  • Number of tools stored / 12 (Op15)
  • Movement amount X, Y, Z/400, 300, 300
MTS-C360 Dedicated Loader
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Slide Travel XxYxZ-Axis 400x300x300mm
Height of Spindle Nose from Table 240~540mm
Table size (WxL) 480×360mm
Tables Max.Load Capacity 70kgs (one side)
Table exchange method / exchange time 2.3 (180゜turn)
Max. Spindle Speed 12,000 min-1
Rigid-Tap Speed 5,000 min-1
Rapid Traverse Rate X,Y,Z-Axis 48, 48, 48 m/min
Shank of Tool Holders BBT30+P30T-Ⅱ
Tool Change Method Double arm system
No. of Tool Pot 12 (op.15) pcs
Max. Tool Diameter x Tool Length φ80 × 200 mm
Max. Tool weight (per 1 Tool) 2.5 kgs
Tool Change Time Tool to Tool/Chip to Chip 1.0/2.3 seconds
Max. Height 2,356mm
Min. Height 2,185mm
Size of Machine (Width, Depth) 1,615x2,700mm
Machine weight 3700 kgs
NC unit FANUC 0i-MF Plus
Power-supply voltage AC200~230V 3 Phase
Power capacity required 17.0 KVA
Positioning accuracy/Repeated Positioning accuracy 0.005/+-0.003 mm
Machining Capability Drilling/Tapping ADC12 φ34F0.2/M27× 3.0 mm
FC250 φ30F0.2/M24× 3.0 mm
S45C φ26F0.15/M20× 2.5 mm

※Due to improvements, some specifications and features may be changed without notice.

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